Beat the Heat!

August 1st, 2019 by Cameron

Summer vacation is winding down, but the Texas summer heat wave is just beginning to crank up the intensity. There are many ways to try to beat the heat, but at University Edge our personal favorites are cold treats! There are plenty of places to go in Waco to grab  ice cream, but here are some of our personal favorites:

Heritage Creamery: A popular choice for Baylor students, Heritage Creamery is located on 8th street directly next to Common Grounds. Known for its locally sourced Ice Cream, Heritage has a revolving menu that provides unique and delicious options year round. 

Pokey O’s: Ice Cream on the go! Pokey O’s is an ice cream truck that sets up around Waco to sell over thirteen flavors of Blue Bell ice cream. Visit their website to find out where the truck is at any time of the day.

Chills 360: Located on Speight Avenue, Chill 360 breaks the traditional mold by making rolled ice cream right in front of you. With hundred of combinations of flavors and toppings, it is a unique ice cream experience outside of the typical ice cream shop.

Sub Zero: A unique, new way of making ice cream. Sub Zero uses liquid nitrogen to instantly chill their ice cream for a creamy, soft texture. Sub Zero has a wide variety of flavors and add ins to make your ice cream experience completely customizable!

Katie’s Custard: A family owned business that started in Waco back in 2002, Katie’s serves variety of ice cream including many several low carb options. Try one of their beef brisket hot dogs if you are feeling extra hungry.

Hey Sugar: Got a sweet tooth? Hey sugar makes excellent old school ice cream to go along with a full candy shop to fuel any sugar rush!
J-Petal & Poke’: Specializing in Japanese crepes and poke bowls, J-Petal & Poke is a new hot spot in downtown Waco, offering refreshing rolled ice cream. 

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